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What We Learn From Moses

Consider three of the good qualities that Moses displayed and what we can learn from his example.

Who Was Moses?

This faithful man is highly respected by Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others. What do you know about him?

Moses—A Man of Faith

Moses had a strong faith because he centered his life on God’s promises. How can you develop the same type of faith?

Moses—A Man of Humility

Many view humility as a weakness. How does God view this quality? How did Moses display humility?

Moses—A Man of Love

Moses showed love for God and his fellow Israelites. What lessons can be learned from his example?

“He Is the God . . . of the Living”

God has the power to undo death by means of the resurrection. How sure is that promise?

“They Wanted Me to Prove the Truth to Myself”

Luis Alifonso wanted to become a Mormon missionary. How did studying the Bible change his goals and his life?

When Your Child Is Disabled

Consider three challenges you might face and how the wisdom found in the Bible can help.

What Is the “Gospel of Judas”?

Was it written by Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus? Should it affect our understanding of Christianity?

Bible Questions Answered

If God created everything, could he have created the Devil? Examine what the Bible says.

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