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Should You Fear the End of the World?

According to the Bible, what is the “end of the world”?

To Our Readers

Beginning with this issue, selected features from this magazine will now appear only online. Read more about the reasons for these changes.

The End of the World—Fear, Fascination, and Frustration

You might be surprised by what the Bible really says about the end of the world.

“You Have . . . Revealed Them to Babes”

Learn how you can unlock spiritual truths about God found in the Bible.

“I Have Finally Found True Freedom.”

Learn how the Bible helped a young man stop using tobacco and abusing drugs and alcohol.

“He, Although He Died, Yet Speaks”

Consider three solid reasons why Abel had faith in a loving Creator.

Bible Questions Answered

What is God’s name and why should we use it?

More Online Features

Beware of Jealousy!

Read how Moses reacted to the jealousy of his brother and sister.

Say “Thank You”

Parents, help your children to learn the value of saying thank you even at a very young age.