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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Something Better Than Christmas

What do you think should characterize the Christmas spirit? Is there something better?

In Search of the Christmas Spirit

Spending time with family and friends, helping the needy, and remembering Jesus—these are all valuable. What is most important?

Remembering Jesus Christ

How can we best honor and remember Jesus?

The Joy of Giving

Christmas gift-giving often brings more stress than happiness. What Bible principles can help?

Helping the Needy

God’s Word encourages us to be kind and generous year-round. What specific advice does it give?

Family Togetherness

Many families look forward to getting together and enjoying a good time at Christmas. But why is it also a challenge?

“Peace Among Men of Goodwill”

What can help Jesus’ followers enjoy true and lasting peace?

They Found Something Better

Millions of Christians do not celebrate Christmas. How do they feel about their decision?

Why Do Some People Not Celebrate Christmas?

Consider four reasons why millions who love Jesus do not celebrate Christmas.

Are You in God’s “Book of Remembrance”?

What is this book and how can you have your name written in it?

At Last I Found True Freedom!

Read how Maria Kilin survived as a prisoner in North Korea, and how Bible truths helped her find true freedom.

Why Did God Send Jesus to Earth?

Learn why Jesus came to the earth and how we still benefit today.

Do You Believe That You Have Lived Before?

Belief in reincarnation is popular. But is that what the Bible teaches?

Did You Know?

Learn about the salt in the Dead Sea and the value of a drachma coin in Jesus’ day.

What Did I Get Myself Into?

Read how a missionary in Benin learned sign language to help deaf people draw close to God.

The Use of Cosmetics in Bible Times

What did women in Bible times use to enhance their beauty?

“History Does Not Lie”

On April 1, 1951, hundreds of Jehovah’s Witnesses were deported from Estonia to Siberia. Why?

Jotham Remained Faithful Despite Troubles at Home

How can you draw close to God even if your parents are not serving him?