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Jehovah’s Witnesses



What Would You Like to Ask God?

Learn the Bible’s answer to three common questions: Does life have a purpose? What happens when we die? Why does God allow suffering?

Should We Question God?

Where can we find satisfying answers to life’s important questions? Can we ask God?

Question 1: Does My Life Have a Purpose?

Many people think money and fame are the priorities in life, but there is actually much more.

Question 2: What Will Happen When I Die?

Many fear what comes after death. Find out what the Bible teaches.

Question 3: Why Does God Allow Me to Suffer?

The Bible plainly states that God is not to blame for suffering. So, why do the innocent suffer?

The Bible Changes Lives

How did a successful career woman, a gambler, and a man disillusioned with life find true happiness?

Did You Know?

What kinds of pen and ink were used in Bible times? What kinds of tents did the apostle Paul make?

Will God Provide a World Government?

Mankind’s problems are often on a global scale. Could a world ruler be the solution?

Dealing With Debt

What can families do when getting out of debt seems impossible?

“What Is Jehovah Asking Back From You?”

What does God expect from those who want to worship him? Is it possible for imperfect humans to please God?

Is Religious Faith an Emotional Crutch?

Rather than encourage blind faith, the Bible urges us to use our power of reason and consider the evidence.

My Bible Lessons

Who made the rain? Why do we need it? Use this Bible lesson to teach your children about God and his creations.

Life in Bible Times—The Shepherd

What kinds of animals did a shepherd care for? What did his job involve?

European Court Upholds the Right to Conscientious Objection

Read about this milestone decision that now sets a precedent for other European countries.