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Few Bible subjects elicit so much interest and curiosity. But is prayer really necessary?

Prayer—To Whom?

Do all prayers go to the same place? The Bible teaches that a great many prayers are, in fact, misdirected.


The Bible helps us focus on the more important aspects of the question, “How should we pray?”

Prayer—What About?

In the model prayer, sometimes called the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus was giving us a clear set of priorities to keep in mind when praying.

Prayer—Does It Matter Where and When?

Find out if the Bible limits our prayers to certain places and times.

Prayer—Will It Help?

Prayer offers many benefits—physical, emotional and, above all, spiritual.

Prayer—Will God Hear and Answer?

The Bible shows that Jehovah does listen to prayers today. Whether he hears ours or not is largely up to us.

A Kingdom That Will Change the Whole Earth

Jesus taught us to pray for God’s Kingdom. What do you think it will be like on earth when God’s Kingdom comes?