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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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This issue contains the study articles for November 28 to December 25, 2016.

“Do Not Forget Kindness to Strangers”

How does God view strangers? What can you do to help any from a foreign background feel at home in your congregation?

Maintain Your Spiritual Health While Serving in a Foreign Field

Safeguarding your spirituality and that of your family should be a priority for all Christians. Yet, if you are working in a foreign field, you face particular challenges.

Strengthen Your Faith in What You Hope For

We can draw inspiration from many sterling examples of faith, ancient and modern. How can you keep your faith strong?

Exercise Your Faith in Jehovah’s Promises

What exactly is faith? And, more importantly, how can you exercise it?


Endeavoring to Mirror Fine Examples

Encouragement from mature Christians can aid others to set and attain worthwhile goals. Thomas McLain relates how others set good examples for him, and how he in turn has endeavored to help others.

Did You Know?

Is it believable that in ancient times someone would actually oversow another man’s field with weeds?