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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Where Can You Find Comfort?

We all need comfort, especially in times of trouble. This issue discusses how God offers comfort to people facing problems and challenges.

We All Need Comfort

Where can you turn when facing bereavement or serious problems with your health, marriage, or employment?

How God Offers Comfort

Four sources of assistance for the afflicted.

Comfort in Times of Trouble

How real people have received help when they needed it most.

“The Battle Belongs to Jehovah”

What enabled David to vanquish Goliath? What can we learn from David’s story?

David Versus Goliath—Did It Really Happen?

Some critics doubt the truthfulness of this account. Are they justified in doing so?

I Was Bitter at Heart and Violent

What made a street fighter from Mexico want to transform his personality?

What Does the Bible Say?

People have different ideas about God’s Kingdom. So, what do the Scriptures really teach about it? You might be surprised at the answer.

More Online Features

Why Pray? Will God Answer Me?

Whether God will answer you when you pray is largely up to you.