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When a Loved One Dies

No one is immune to the ravages of death. What can we do when a close family member or friend dies?

When a Loved One Dies

How can a person cope with grief? And is there any hope for our loved ones who have died?

Is It Wrong to Grieve?

What if others feel that your reaction to losing a loved one is excessive?

Dealing With Your Grief

The Bible provides practical tips that have been proven to work.

Comforting Those Who Mourn

Even close friends can fail to recognize an important need of bereaved people.

The Dead Will Live Again!

Is the Bible’s hope realistic?

Did You Know?

Who was Joseph’s father? What textiles and dyes were available in Bible times?

I Learned to Respect Women and Myself

Joseph Ehrenbogen read something in the Bible that helped him to completely transform his life.

“I Am Willing to Go”

In addition to faith, Rebekah demonstrated several outstanding qualities.

What Does the Bible Say?

Is it wrong to pronounce God’s name?

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Why Do People Die?

The Bible’s answer to this question gives both comfort and hope.