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Jehovah’s Witnesses



This issue contains the study articles for September 28 to October 25, 2015.

“Let the Many Islands Rejoice”

Read the life story of Geoffrey Jackson, who serves on the Governing Body.

Meditate on Jehovah’s Enduring Love

How can you gain the conviction that Jehovah is with you even in trying times?

Keep in Expectation!

We have two powerful reasons to be especially vigilant toward the end of this system.

Prepare Now for Life in the New World

God’s people have much in common with those planning to move to another country.

Watch Your Associations in These Last Days

Your associations include more than just the people you spend time with.

What We Can Learn From Joanna

How did she have to change her everyday life in order to follow Jesus?

“Jehovah Brought You to France to Learn the Truth”

The 1919 immigration pact signed between France and Poland had unexpected consequences.