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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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This issue considers three methods that we can use in our ministry to give persuasive answers to challenging questions. Why is it vital for us to remain loyal to God’s organization?

‘My Food Is to Do God’s Will’

King David, the apostle Paul, and Jesus Christ were interested in doing God’s will. How can we maintain or renew our zeal for the ministry in challenging territories?

How Should We “Answer Each Person”?

How can we reason effectively on the Scriptures when faced with challenging questions? Consider three methods we can use to give persuasive answers.

Follow The Golden Rule in Your Ministry

How should we treat each person we meet in our ministry? What bearing do Jesus’ words recorded at Matthew 7:12 have on our preaching activity?


Jehovah Has Really Helped Me

Kenneth Little expresses how Jehovah God has helped him overcome shyness and lack of confidence. See how God has blessed his efforts throughout his life.

Jehovah Is a God of Organization

How do the accounts about ancient Israel and first-century Christianity show that Jehovah’s servants on earth should be organized today?

Are You Moving Ahead With Jehovah’s Organization?

Satan’s system of things will soon come to its end. Why is it vital for us to remain loyal to the organization that God is using on earth today?


“There Is More Harvest Work to Be Done”

There are over 760,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses who spread the Bible truth in Brazil. How did the preaching work get its start in South America?