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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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In this issue, learn how to maintain a self-sacrificing spirit along with a positive viewpoint. How can we care for elderly fellow believers and relatives?

Reaching the Heart of Unbelieving Relatives

What can we learn from the way Jesus treated his relatives? How can we share our faith with family members who have a different faith—or no faith at all?

How to Maintain the Spirit of Self-Sacrifice

We face a subtle enemy that can undermine our self-sacrificing spirit. This article will identify that enemy and show how we can use the Bible to help fight it.

How to Maintain a Positive Viewpoint

Why do many struggle against a negative viewpoint? This article shows us how we can use the Bible to help maintain a positive view of ourselves.

Family Worship—Can You Make It More Enjoyable?

Take a look into family worship in different countries to get some helpful insight into what you might like to try.

Honor the Aged Among You

Examine God’s view of the elderly. What responsibilities do adult children have toward their aging parents? How can congregations honor seniors among them?

Providing Care for the Elderly

Aging parents and adult children can discuss preparations and advance decisions before “the calamitous days” arrive. How can they meet some of the challenges?

Your Speech—‘Yes and yet No’?

Christians should keep their word and should never find themselves saying ‘yes and yet no.’ What if we need to cancel an arrangement? Learn from the Apostle Paul’s example.