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Jehovah’s Witnesses



This issue considers ways that we can prevent our faith from being undermined. Also, when should the Lord’s Evening Meal be held, and what meaning does it have for us?

Jehovah Shielded Them in the Shadows of the Mountains

How was Bible literature supplied to Jehovah’s Witnesses living in Germany under the Nazi regime? What dangers did the Witnesses face?

Avoid Being “Quickly Shaken From Your Reason”!

What timely warnings did Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians contain? What can help us avoid being deceived?

Will You Make Sacrifices for the Kingdom?

Learn how we can use our time, money, energy, and abilities to support God’s Kingdom.

Do You Remember?

Have you carefully read the recent issues of The Watchtower? Test yourself and see what you remember.

‘This Is to Be a Memorial for You’

What should Christians know about the Passover? What does the Lord’s Evening Meal mean for all of us?

‘Do This in Remembrance of Me’

How do we know when the Lord’s Evening Meal should be held? What is represented by the bread and by the wine?

Facing the Loss of Your Mate

The pain of losing a mate is both cruel and long lasting. Consider how the resurrection hope in God’s Word is a source of comfort.

Subject Index for The Watchtower 2013

Consult the index of all articles, listed by subject, published in the 2013 Watchtower.