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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Making Peace at Home

You can transform your home from a battlefield to a safe haven.

Family Strife—How Does It Happen?

Do the arguments described in this article seem familiar?

How to Stop Strife in the Home

Follow these six steps to help change the spirit in your home from hostile to tranquil.

How to Promote Peace in the Family

Can the Bible’s wisdom create peace where it doesn’t exist? See what people who have applied it have to say.

Dealing With Differences

Have you ever felt that you and your spouse are incompatible?

The Whales Are Here!

How can an 80-ton sea creature go sailing?

The Soul

Is the soul immortal? Is it separate from the body?

Spotlight on Europe

These recent news items relate to the Bible in ways that might surprise you.

Subject Index for 2015 Awake!

A categorized list of articles published in the 2015 issues.

The Human Body’s Ability to Repair Wounds

How are scientists mimicking this ability in the design of new plastics?

More Online Features

Giving Makes You Happy

There are many ways you can give to others. Can you think of some?

Living by Touch

James Ryan was born deaf and later became blind. What has given him a real purpose in life?