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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Is Religion Dying Out?

Millions of people with differing viewpoints have chosen to take an identical action.

Is Religion Dying Out?

The Bible foretold the current plight of organized religion.

Living Without Sight

Can the blind really develop heightened senses of hearing, smell, and touch?

A Mathematician Explains His Faith

Why does Professor Gene Hwang find that his religious beliefs do not conflict with his secular studies?

How to Praise Children

One type of praise has proven to be the most effective.

The End of the World

What is the “world” that will end? How and when will it happen?

The Mathematical Ability of Plants

Researchers found that a mustard plant showed a fascinating ability.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jehovah’s Witnesses

Find concise answers to common questions people ask.

Activities for Children

Find fun learning activities to help teach your children Bible-based values.