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Jehovah’s Witnesses



3 Questions People Would Like to Ask God

Many people are skeptical of religion and dissatisfied with its answers to life’s tough questions. But the Bible does have satisfying answers to questions people often ask.

Three Questions People Would Like to Ask God

Why are we here? Why does God allow suffering? Why is religion full of hypocrisy?

The Thorny Devil Lizard’s Moisture-Extracting Skin

How does this lizard draw water up its legs and into its mouth?


Does the Bible’s account of creation conflict with science?

A Visit to Uzbekistan

Learn more about Uzbekistan and the history of Uzbek’s changing alphabet.

When You Must Return Home

Have you tried to live on your own, only to fall on hard times? Get back on your feet with these practical tips.

When a Loved One Is Sick

Medical appointments and hospital stays can be nerve-racking. How can you help a friend or relative make the best of a difficult situation?

Spotlight on the Family

What are some common challenges that families are facing? Where can they find practical advice to help them?

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Creation or Evolution?—Part 1: Why Believe in God?

Would you like to be more confident in explaining why you believe in God? Get tips on how to respond if someone questions your belief.

Creation or Evolution?—Part 2: Why Question Evolution?

Two fundamental facts show why you should.

“Jehovah . . . Created All Things”

Do you know what was the first thing that God made? Learn with Caleb in what order things were created.