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Jehovah’s Witnesses



How Did Life Begin?

Should your answer be determined by whether or not you are religious?

How Did Life Begin?

Why do many scientifically-minded people have trouble accepting evolution as the origin of life?

Two Questions Worth Asking

Decide for yourself whether the answers that evolution theory gives about how life began are satisfying.

An Answer Worth Considering

What could make a leading advocate of atheism conclude that life is the product of a superior intelligence?

The Honeycomb

What have bees known about the efficient use of space that mathematicians could not prove until 1999?

How to Tame Your Temper

Five Bible-based steps can help you to control your anger.

A Visit to Costa Rica

See why the people of this country are known as Ticos.

“I Refuse to Dwell On My Illness”

What gives Elisa the strength to endure the pain of a chronic disease and even sometimes to forget that she’s sick?


Does God care about our trials and pain?

Spotlight on Religion

Recent news items show that religion has failed to be a force for unity.

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Why Reject Pornography?

What do pornography and smoking have in common?

Be Kind and Share

Watch how Caleb and Sophia have a lot more fun when they share their things with each other.