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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Why Go On?—Three Reasons to Keep Living

Have you or has someone you know thought about suicide? Finding a reason to live can make all the difference.

Watching the World

Subjects include: a city that synchronized every one of its traffic lights, a health hazard that surpassed malnutrition, and a wild bird over 60 years old that hatched a chick.

How to Accept Correction

How can advice or criticism that hurts actually help?

Why Go On?

What can make a person view death as a friend?

Because Things Change

Even if your circumstances cannot change, there is something you can change.

Because There Is Help

Three avenues of assistance can help you to keep going.

Because There Is Hope

Like a light on the horizon, hope can help you to see past the darkness.

“I Am Convinced That There Is a Creator”

Frédéric Dumoulin was disgusted with religion and so became an atheist. How has studying both the Bible and the design of living things convinced him that there is a Creator?

A Visit to Cambodia

Why would people who have never met refer to each other using titles for brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandmother, or grandfather?


Are all races equal? Will racism ever end?

The Butterfly’s Wing

The surface of the Blue Morpho’s wing may look smooth but it has features that can be seen only with a microscope. What are they for?

More Online Features

What Should I Know About Sexting?

Are you being pressured to sext? What are the consequences of sexting? Is it just harmless flirting?

What if I’m Lonely?

Consider three keys to overcome loneliness and build lasting friendships.

What if I’m Being Bullied?

Many who are bullied feel helpless. This article explains what can be done to improve the situation.

What’s a Real Friend?

Fake friends are easy to come by, but how can you find a true friend?

Joseph Saves Lives

Consider Genesis chapters 41-50 together as a family using this collection of Bible study activities.