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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Can You Trust the News Media?

Many people doubt what they read and hear in the news. Learn how to have healthy skepticism, while keeping an open mind.

Watching the World

Subjects include: Overqualified job applicants, respiratory illnesses, distracted pedestrians, and more.

Can You Trust the News Media?

Find out how to determine if what you read and hear in the news is trustworthy.

A Visit to Brazil

Brazil covers nearly half of South America. Learn about the history behind Brazil’s diverse cultural background.


Is Jesus God? When was Jesus born? Did he come back to life after he died?

How to Be a Good Listener

Active listening is, not a mere technique, but an act of love. Learn how you can become a better listener.

The Painted Lady—A Mystery Revealed

British observers have long admired these colorful butterflies. Researchers have recently uncovered the mystery behind their annual disappearance.

Subject Index for 2013 Awake!

An index of all articles published in the 2013 Awake! listed by subject.

The Storage Capacity of DNA

DNA has been dubbed the “ultimate hard drive.” Learn why.

More Online Features

What if People Are Gossiping About Me?

How can you deal with gossip so that it doesn’t destroy you or your reputation?

What Should I Know About Sexting?

Are you being pressured to sext? What are the consequences of sexting? Is it just harmless flirting?

Pharaoh Exalts Joseph

Complete this picture activity and discover why it may have been difficult for Joseph’s brothers to recognize him.