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Jehovah’s Witnesses



The Truth About Halloween

Many people celebrate Halloween without knowing its origin. Learn why there is a need for caution.

Watching the World

Subjects include: Arctic ice volume, ivory poaching in Congo, coral loss in the Great Barrier Reef, and bacteria in breast milk.

Premarital Sex

Learn what the Bible says about premarital sex and other forms of sexual intimacy.

The Truth About Halloween

Discover the dark origins of Halloween and similar celebrations.

How to Forgive

Why can it be so hard to forgive? See how the Bible’s advice can help.

A Kidney Specialist Explains Her Faith

Why did a doctor and former atheist start thinking about God and the meaning of life? What caused her to change her view of these things?

Zheng He

Who was Zheng He? Read about his remarkable voyages and what they teach about China.

The Emperor Penguin’s Feather Coat

What have marine biologists discovered about this bird’s feathers?

More Online Features

How Can I Deal With Sexual Harassment?

Learn what sexual harassment is and what to do if you are a victim of it.

What Should I Know About Texting?

Texting can affect your friendships and your reputation. Find out how.

What if I Have a Health Problem? (Part 1)

Four young people describe what helps them cope with their health problems and maintain a positive attitude.

Beat a Bully Without Using Your Fists

Learn why bullying happens and how you can deal with it successfully.

Joseph in the Land of Egypt

How can you make God happy even when no one is watching? Read this Bible story and learn from Joseph’s example.