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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Is Protest the Answer?

In this issue, learn why there has been a surge in protests and where to turn for the solution.

Watching the World

Subjects include: job-interview discrimination and new legislation for tobacco companies in Australia.

How to Deal With Tantrums

What can you do when your child throws a tantrum? Bible principles can help you cope with this challenge.

Is Protest the Answer?

Protest can be a powerful force for change. But is it the solution to injustice, corruption, and oppression?

I Saw Injustice Everywhere I Looked

Why did a young man from Northern Ireland change his view of how true justice will be achieved?

Meet the Elusive Sand Cat

Have you ever heard of the sand cat? Learn about this cat and what makes it so elusive.

A Visit to Azerbaijan

The Azeri are a lively and warm people. Get to know more about their country and culture.

God’s Kingdom

Some people believe that the Kingdom of God exists in the hearts of believers or that it will be brought by human efforts. What does the Bible say?

The Resilient Brain of the Arctic Ground Squirrel

How does this small animal survive when its body temperature drops to near freezing?

More Online Features

What if I Have a Health Problem? (Part 2)

Read first-hand experiences of young people who learned to cope with major health problems while maintaining a positive attitude.

The Story of the Sons of Jacob

How should you react when your brother, sister, or friend gets something that you would like to have?