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Awake!  |  November 2012

You Can Succeed!

You Can Succeed!

“I am very happy when my two girls cuddle me unexpectedly and say, ‘We love you, Mommy.’”​—ANNA, A SINGLE MOTHER IN POLAND.

“I often have the satisfaction of seeing my children show their appreciation for the things I do for them. Sometimes they give me little gifts, like a picture they’ve drawn. This more than repays me for any effort I make.”​—MASSIMO, A SINGLE FATHER IN ITALY.

“Sometimes when I am emotionally down, one of my sons will put his arms around me, kiss me, and tell me how much he loves me.”​—YASMIN, A SINGLE MOTHER IN SOUTH AFRICA.

THESE are just some of the expressions Awake! received from dozens of single parents who responded to an international survey. Many of the single parents, mostly mothers, expressed a desire for the support that only a loving mate could provide. * Nevertheless, their frank expressions also reveal that they have adapted well to their situation.

What has helped these single parents both to adapt and to succeed in their difficult role? In the following articles, we will consider many of their practical and honest expressions, as well as some of the key principles that have helped them along the way. If you are a single parent, we hope that these articles will help you not only to succeed in your demanding role but also to do so with joy and contentment. To be sure, that can be a big challenge in today’s rapidly changing and uncertain world. *

The articles will focus on six areas. How single parents can

  1.   Get more support
  2.   Communicate more effectively with their children
  3.   Set sound priorities
  4.   Set clear boundaries of behavior
  5.   Establish wholesome values
  6.   Give God a place in their family

^ par. 5 Worldwide, by far the majority of single parents are women​—a fact that is reflected in this series of articles.

^ par. 6 Many of the principles in this series of articles may also be helpful to families with both parents.