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Jehovah’s Witnesses



You Can Be a Successful Single Parent!

What has helped some single parents to succeed in their difficult role?

You Can Succeed!

Worldwide, single parents are successfully raising their children. Read what they have to say.

Seek Out Support

How can you build a strong support network for times when you need help?

Be a Good Communicator

What Bible principles can help you keep the lines of communication open with your children?

Set Sound Priorities

Identify what is truly important to you and your children and make these your priorities.

Set Clear Boundaries

Establishing boundaries for children can be challenging. How can you do this successfully?

Establish Good Moral Values

How can Bible principles help you teach wholesome values to your children?

Look to God for Help

Is God really interested in you as a single parent? Read how many are experiencing God’s goodness.

The Haltere of the Fly

Have you ever wondered why the fly is so hard to catch? See what scientists have discovered.

The Bible—A Book of Accurate Prophecy—Part 7

The Bible foretells the end of all wickedness. How and when will this happen?

The Common Loon—A Bird to Be Heard

Have you ever heard a loon’s call? Learn more about their varied vocalizations.

How Can I Deal With Stress?

Learn about major stress factors and what steps you can take to handle them.

They Never Gave Up on Me

What helped a man who loved alcohol and violence change his life?

Flaunting—Is It Worth the Price?

Do you want friends who love you for what you have or for who you are?

Medieval Masters of Mechanics

When did automatic, programmable devices first appear on the scene? The answer may surprise you.

A Key to Understanding the Bible

Examining the Bible by subject can help make its basic teachings become clear. How?

Watching the World

Subjects include: Head injuries in soccer, the dangers of hybrid vehicles, and the cost of natural disasters.

For Family Review

This month learn about God’s creations, how Jonathan protected David, and Jehovah’s Witnesses in Myanmar.