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You Can Improve Your Health

Many people fail to see the link between their habits and their health. Learn five basic keys to protect and improve your health.

Key 1—Eat Wisely

You can improve your health by eating a balanced diet of healthful foods.

Key 2—Take Care of Basic Body Needs

You can head off serious health problems if you get enough sleep, take care of your teeth, and get regular checkups.

Key 3—Keep Yourself Moving

Exercise is beneficial for people of all ages, and membership in a gym is not required to get it.

Key 4—Protect Your Health

Simple protective steps can help you avoid much sickness and misery, as well as loss of time and money.

Key 5—Motivate Yourself and Your Family

Learning some basic health information can help motivate you to make needed adjustments for better personal and family health.

Take Steps to Improve Your Health

See how you can benefit from one family’s efforts to improve their health.

A Book You Can Trust—Part 5

Learn how Greece became the fifth world power in Bible history.