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Jehovah’s Witnesses


A Satisfying Life—How to Attain It

This brochure has been prepared to help you make your life truly satisfying.


Many people are not fully satisfied with their life. What about you?


A Satisfying Life—Just a Fantasy?

Even in developed countries, where people have an affluent life style, many people struggle to find happiness. Is that elusive goal attainable?


Hints for Living a Satisfying Life

Where can you turn for reliable advice?


The Book of Reliable Guidance

It has been called a “crystallization of mankind’s civilization and life experiences.”


The Author of the Unique Book

Well-known intellectuals and scientists believe that something, or someone, eternal put into motion everything in the universe. But why?


Getting to Know God

Is the author of the Bible someone whom you could trust?


Why Did Jehovah Create Us?

Becoming acquainted with God will enable you to answer the perplexing question, “Why am I here?”


A Satisfying Life—Why So Elusive?

The answer lies in easy-to-understand facts that are disclosed by the Bible.


The Way Back to a Satisfying Life

The foundation for happiness has already been laid.


Enjoy a Satisfying Life—Now and Forever!

Your life can be meaningful, happy, and fulfilling. What do you need to do?