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How Can You Have a Happy Life?

Does God care about your happiness? Learn how God has taken action to ensure a happy future for all mankind.


This brochure addresses important questions about how we can be truly happy.

Will We Ever Enjoy Real Happiness?

Everyone wants to be happy. Is life today the way it should be?

What Do We Need to Be Happy?

Basically, our requirements for a happy life are few and simple.

Who Can Give Us Reliable Guidance?

Is there really a Creator? If so, can he help us find happiness?

What Guidance Has God Given Us?

The Scriptures are a gift from God. How can we be sure that they are authentic?

How Can God’s Guidance Bring Us Happiness Now?

What Scriptural principles help families? Do they really work?

How Can We Make God a Bigger Part of Our Life?

God wants to have a close relationship with each of us. Learn how you can know him better.

What Hope Do We Have for Future Happiness?

Many wonder if a truly happy future is possible. Why must the answer involve God?

What Was God’s Original Purpose for Man?

What opportunity did God give the first human couple? How do the choices they made affect us today?

What Is Sin?

Does sin include only serious crime or committing wrong acts?

How Does Sin Affect Our Relationship With God?

When Adam and Eve rebelled, did God abandon his original purpose? How does God feel about our plight?

What Has God Been Doing to Help Us?

After Adam and Eve sinned, God began taking steps to resolve the issues their rebellion raised and undo the damage that was caused.

Why Did God Provide the Torah?

The Torah is part of the long-range purpose that God set out in Eden. How does that purpose affect you?

Why Did the Law Require Sacrifices?

How were sacrifices related to the forgiveness of sins?

Why Do We Need a Better Sacrifice?

The Law required sacrifices for the atonement of sins. How can our sins be forgiven today?

What Do the Scriptures Say About the Messiah?

God has progressively revealed details about the Messiah’s origin and role.

When Will God’s Promises Come True?

People have waited for the Messiah for thousands of years. What can help us identify the time of his arrival?

Will the Messiah Really Remove All Evil?

What changes will the Messiah’s rule bring for all mankind?

What Blessings Will the Messiah Bring?

How far-reaching will the effects of the Messiah’s rule be?

How Far Will the Messiah’s Rule Extend?

To what extent will the Messiah’s rule bring physical and spiritual blessings?

How Can We Be Part of God’s Purpose?

To benefit from God’s beautiful purpose, we must know what his purpose is. How can we learn more about God and his purpose?