Was Life Created?

What you believe about how life began really does matter.


Was our planet designed for life? Is the teaching of evolution based solidly on fact?

What Do You Believe?

You may believe in God and respect the Bible yet also value the opinion of influential scientists who do not believe that life was created.

The Living Planet

Life on earth could never exist were it not for a series of very fortunate “coincidences.” Were those coincidences due to blind chance or intelligent design?

Who Designed It First?

Researchers mimic natural systems to solve difficult engineering problems. If mimicry requires intelligence, what about the design of the original?

Evolution—Myths and Facts

One of the pillars of evolutionary theory is that mutations transform one species of plant or animal into an entirely new species. Is this theory based on fact?

Science and the Genesis Account

Has science disproved the Bible’s account of creation?

Does It Matter What You Believe?

Could your belief about evolution affect your sense of meaning in life?


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