Psalm 94:1-23

94  O God of vengeance, Jehovah,+O God of vengeance, shine forth!   Rise up, O Judge of the earth.+ Repay to the haughty what they deserve.+   How long will the wicked, O Jehovah,How long will the wicked continue to exult?+   They babble and speak arrogantly;All the wrongdoers brag about themselves.   They crush your people, O Jehovah,+And oppress your inheritance.   They kill the widow and the foreign resident,And they murder the fatherless children.   They say: “Jah does not see;+The God of Jacob does not take notice of it.”+   Understand this, you who are unreasoning;You foolish ones, when will you ever show insight?+   The One who made* the ear, can he not hear? The One who formed the eye, can he not see?+ 10  The One correcting the nations, can he not reprove?+ He is the One who imparts knowledge to people!+ 11  Jehovah knows the thoughts of men,That they are but a mere breath.+ 12  Happy is the man whom you correct, O Jah,+Whom you teach from your law,+ 13  To give him tranquility during days of calamity,Until a pit is dug for the wicked.+ 14  For Jehovah will not forsake his people,+Nor will he abandon his inheritance.+ 15  For judgment will once again be righteous,And all the upright in heart will follow it. 16  Who will rise up for me against the wicked? Who will take a stand for me against the wrongdoers? 17  If Jehovah had not been my helper,I* would soon have perished.*+ 18  When I said: “My foot is slipping,” Your loyal love, O Jehovah, kept supporting me.+ 19  When anxieties* overwhelmed me,*You comforted and soothed me.*+ 20  Can a throne* of corruption be allied with youWhile it is framing trouble in the name of the law?*+ 21  They make vicious attacks on the righteous one*+And condemn the innocent one to death.*+ 22  But Jehovah will become a secure refuge* for me,My God is my rock of refuge.+ 23  He will make their wicked deeds come back upon them.+ He will do away with* them by means of their own evil. Jehovah our God will do away with* them.+


Lit., “planted.”
Lit., “resided in silence.”
Or “My soul.”
Or “disquieting thoughts.”
Or “became many inside of me.”
Or “Your consolations soothed my soul.”
Or “rulers; judges.”
Or “by decree.”
Lit., “And the blood of the innocent they declare guilty (wicked).”
Or “the soul of the righteous one.”
Or “secure height.”
Lit., “will silence.”
Lit., “will silence.”

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