Psalm 87:1-7

Of the sons of Korʹah.+ A melody. A song. 87  His city’s foundation is in the holy mountains.+   Jehovah loves the gates of Zion+More than all the tents of Jacob.   Glorious things are being said about you, O city of the true God.+ (Selah)   I will count Raʹhab+ and Babylon among those who know* me;Here are Phi·lisʹti·a and Tyre, together with Cush. It will be said: “This is one who was born there.”   And about Zion it will be said: “Each and every one was born in her.” And the Most High will firmly establish her.   Jehovah will declare, when recording the peoples: “This is one who was born there.” (Selah)   Singers+ and those performing circle dances+ will say: “All my springs are in you.”*+


Or “acknowledge.”
Or “For me, you are the source of all things.”

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