Psalm 7:1-17

A dirge* of David that he sang to Jehovah regarding the words of Cush the Benʹja·min·ite. 7  O Jehovah my God, in you I have taken refuge.+ Save me from all those persecuting me and rescue me.+   Otherwise they will tear me* to pieces as a lion does,+Carrying me off with no one to rescue me.   O Jehovah my God, if I am at fault in this,If I have acted unjustly,   If I have wronged the one doing good to me,+Or if I have plundered my enemy without cause,*   Then let an enemy pursue and overtake me;*Let him trample my life down to the earthAnd cause my glory to perish in the dust. (Selah)   Rise up in your anger, O Jehovah;Stand up against the fury of my enemies;+Awake for me, and demand that justice be done.+   Let the nations surround you;And you will act against them from on high.   Jehovah will pass sentence on the peoples.+ Judge me, O Jehovah, according to my righteousnessAnd according to my integrity.+   Please put an end to the evil deeds of the wicked. But establish the righteous,+Since you are the righteous God+ who examines the hearts+ and the deepest emotions.*+ 10  God is my shield,+ the Savior of those upright in heart.+ 11  God is a righteous Judge,+And God proclaims his judgments* every day. 12  If anyone will not repent,+ He sharpens his sword;+He bends his bow and makes it ready.+ 13  He prepares his deadly weapons;He makes ready his flaming arrows.+ 14  Look at the one who is pregnant with wickedness;He conceives trouble and gives birth to lies.+ 15  He excavates a pit and digs it deep,But he falls into the very hole he made.+ 16  The trouble he causes will return on his own head;+His violence will fall on the crown of his head. 17  I will praise Jehovah for his justice;+I will sing praises* to the name of Jehovah+ the Most High.+


Or “song of mourning.”
Or “my soul.”
Or possibly, “While I spared the one opposing me without cause.”
Or “my soul.”
Or “tests the hearts and the kidneys.”
Or “hurls denunciations.”
Or “make music.”

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