Psalm 52:1-9

To the director. Masʹkil.* Of David, when Doʹeg the Eʹdom·ite came and told Saul that David had come to the house of A·himʹe·lech.+ 52  Why do you boast about your evil acts, you mighty one?+ The loyal love of God lasts all day long.+   Your tongue, as sharp as a razor,+Schemes harm and works deceitfully.+   You love evil more than what is good,Lying more than speaking what is right. (Selah)   You love every harmful word,O you deceitful tongue!   That is why God will pull you down once and for all;+He will snatch you up and tear you away from your tent;+He will uproot you from the land of the living.+ (Selah)   The righteous ones will see it and be filled with awe,+And they will laugh at him.+   “Here is a man who did not make God his refuge,*+But he trusted in his great riches+And relied on* his own evil plots.”*   But I will be like a luxuriant olive tree in God’s house;My trust is in God’s loyal love,+ forever and ever.   I will praise you forever because you have taken action;+In the presence of your loyal ones,I will hope in your name,+ for it is good.


Or “fortress.”
Or “took shelter in.”
Lit., “adversities by him.”

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