Psalm 38:1-22

A melody of David, to serve as a reminder.* 38  O Jehovah, do not reprove me in your anger,Nor correct me in your wrath.+   For your arrows have pierced deep into me,And your hand presses down on me.+   My whole body is sick* because of your indignation. There is no peace within my bones because of my sin.+   For my errors loom over my head;+Like a heavy burden, they are too much for me to bear.   My wounds stink and festerBecause of my foolishness.   I am distressed and extremely downcast;I walk around sad all day long.   There is a burning within me;*My whole body is sick.+   I have grown numb and become completely crushed;My anguished heart makes me groan aloud.*   O Jehovah, all my desires are before you,And my sighing is not hidden from you. 10  My heart pounds, my strength is gone,And the light of my eyes has left me.+ 11  My friends and my companions avoid me because of my plague,And my close acquaintances keep their distance. 12  Those seeking my life* set traps;Those trying to harm me speak of ruin;+They mutter deception all day long. 13  But like someone deaf, I would not listen;+Like someone speechless, I would not open my mouth.+ 14  I have become like a man who cannot hear,Whose mouth has nothing to say in defense. 15  For on you, O Jehovah, I waited,+And you answered me, O Jehovah my God.+ 16  For I said: “May they not gloat over meOr exalt themselves over me if my foot slips.” 17  For I was ready to collapse,And my pain was always with me.+ 18  I confessed my error;+I was troubled by my sin.+ 19  But my enemies are vigorous* and mighty,*Those hating me for no reason have become numerous. 20  They repaid me with bad for good;They were resisting me for pursuing what is good. 21  Do not abandon me, O Jehovah. O God, do not remain far away from me.+ 22  Do hurry to help me,O Jehovah, my salvation.+


Or “to bring to remembrance.”
Lit., “There is no sound spot in my flesh.”
Lit., “My loins are full of burning.”
Or “roar.”
Or “my soul.”
Lit., “alive.”
Or possibly, “But my enemies without cause are many.”

Study Notes