Psalm 17:1-15

A prayer of David. 17  Hear my plea for justice, O Jehovah;Pay attention to my cry for help;Listen to my prayer spoken without deceit.+   May you make a just decision in my behalf;+May your eyes see what is right.   You have examined my heart, you have inspected me by night;+You have refined me;+You will find that I have not schemed anything bad,And my mouth has not transgressed.   As for the activities of men,In accord with the word of your lips, I avoid the paths of the robber.+   Let my steps stay on your tracksSo that my feet will not stumble.+   I do call on you, because you will answer me,+ O God. Incline your ear* to me. Hear my words.+   Show your loyal love in a wonderful way,+O Savior of those seeking refuge at your right handFrom those who rebel against you.   Guard me like the pupil of your eye;+Conceal me in the shadow of your wings.+   Guard me from the wicked who attack me,From my mortal enemies* who surround me.+ 10  They have become insensitive;*With their mouth they speak arrogantly; 11  Now they hem us in;+They watch for the chance to cause our downfall.* 12  He is like a lion eager to tear its prey to pieces,Like a young lion crouching in ambush. 13  Rise up, O Jehovah, to confront him+ and bring him down;Rescue me* from the wicked with your sword; 14  Rescue me with your hand, O Jehovah,From men of this world,* whose share is in this life,+Those whom you fill with the good things you provide+And who leave an inheritance to their many sons. 15  But as for me, in righteousness I will see your face;I am satisfied to awaken in your presence.*+


Or “Bend down and listen.”
Or “my enemies against the soul.”
Or “They are enclosed in their own fat.”
Or “throw us down to the ground.”
Or “my soul.”
Or “system of things.”
Or “to see your form.”

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