Psalm 129:1-8

A Song of the Ascents. 129  “Since my youth they have constantly attacked me”+ —Let Israel now say—   “Since my youth they have constantly attacked me;+But they have not defeated me.+   Plowmen have plowed across my back;+They have made their furrows long.”   But Jehovah is righteous;+He has cut up the ropes of the wicked.+   They will be put to shame and will retreat in disgrace,All those who hate Zion.+   They will become like grass on the rooftopsThat withers before it is pulled up,   That cannot fill the reaper’s handNor the arms of the one gathering sheaves.   Those passing by will not say: “May the blessing of Jehovah be upon you;We bless you in the name of Jehovah.”


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