Joshua 12:1-24

12  Now these are the kings of the land whom the Israelites defeated, whose land they took possession of on the east side of the Jordan, from the Arʹnon Valley*+ up to Mount Herʹmon+ and all the Arʹa·bah toward the east:+  King Siʹhon+ of the Amʹor·ites, who lived in Heshʹbon and ruled from A·roʹer,+ which was on the rim of the Arʹnon Valley,*+ and from the middle of the valley, and half of Gilʹe·ad as far as the Valley* of Jabʹbok, the boundary of the Amʹmon·ites.  He also ruled over the Arʹa·bah as far as the Sea of Chinʹne·reth*+ toward the east and as far as the Sea of the Arʹa·bah, the Salt Sea,* to the east in the direction of Beth-jeshʹi·moth, and toward the south under the slopes of Pisʹgah.+  Also the territory of King Og+ of Baʹshan, who was one of the last of the Rephʹa·im+ and who lived in Ashʹta·roth and Edʹre·i  and ruled in Mount Herʹmon, in Salʹe·cah, and in all Baʹshan,+ as far as the boundary of the Geshʹur·ites and the Ma·acʹa·thites,+ and half of Gilʹe·ad, to the territory of King Siʹhon of Heshʹbon.+  Moses the servant of Jehovah and the Israelites defeated them,+ after which Moses the servant of Jehovah gave their land as a possession to the Reuʹben·ites, the Gadʹites, and the half tribe of Ma·nasʹseh.+  These are the kings of the land whom Joshua and the Israelites defeated on the west side of the Jordan, from Baʹal-gad+ in the Valley of Lebʹa·non+ and as far as Mount Haʹlak,+ which goes up to Seʹir,+ after which Joshua gave their land to the tribes of Israel as a possession by their shares,+  in the mountainous region, in the She·pheʹlah, in the Arʹa·bah, on the slopes, in the wilderness, and in the Negʹeb+—the land of the Hitʹtites, the Amʹor·ites,+ the Caʹnaan·ites, the Perʹiz·zites, the Hiʹvites, and the Jebʹu·sites:+   The king of Jerʹi·cho,+ one; the king of Aʹi,+ which was beside Bethʹel, one; 10  the king of Jerusalem, one; the king of Hebʹron,+ one; 11  the king of Jarʹmuth, one; the king of Laʹchish, one; 12  the king of Egʹlon, one; the king of Geʹzer,+ one; 13  the king of Deʹbir,+ one; the king of Geʹder, one; 14  the king of Horʹmah, one; the king of Aʹrad, one; 15  the king of Libʹnah,+ one; the king of A·dulʹlam, one; 16  the king of Mak·keʹdah,+ one; the king of Bethʹel,+ one; 17  the king of Tapʹpu·ah, one; the king of Heʹpher, one; 18  the king of Aʹphek, one; the king of Las·sharʹon, one; 19  the king of Maʹdon, one; the king of Haʹzor,+ one; 20  the king of Shimʹron-meʹron, one; the king of Achʹshaph, one; 21  the king of Taʹa·nach, one; the king of Me·gidʹdo, one; 22  the king of Keʹdesh, one; the king of Jokʹne·am+ in Carʹmel, one; 23  the king of Dor on the slopes of Dor,+ one; the king of Goiʹim in Gilʹgal, one; 24  the king of Tirʹzah, one; a total of 31 kings.


Or “Wadi Arnon.”
Or “Wadi Arnon.”
Or “Wadi.”
That is, the Dead Sea.
That is, the lake of Gennesaret, or the Sea of Galilee.

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