Isaiah 15:1-9

15  A pronouncement against Moʹab:+ Because it has been devastated in a night,Ar+ of Moʹab has been silenced. Because it has been devastated in a night,Kir+ of Moʹab has been silenced.   He has gone up to the House* and to Diʹbon,+To the high places to weep. Moʹab wails over Neʹbo+ and over Medʹe·ba.+ Every head is shaved bald,+ every beard is clipped.+   In its streets they have put on sackcloth. On their roofs and in their public squares they all wail;They go down weeping.+   Heshʹbon and E·le·aʹleh+ cry out;Their voice is heard as far as Jaʹhaz.+ That is why the armed men of Moʹab keep shouting. He* is trembling.   My heart cries out over Moʹab. Its fugitives have fled as far as Zoʹar+ and Egʹlath-she·liʹshi·yah.+ On the ascent of Luʹhith they weep as they go up;On the way to Hor·o·naʹim they cry out over the catastrophe.+   For the waters of Nimʹrim are desolate;The green grass has dried up,The grass is gone and nothing green is left.   That is why they are carrying away what is left of their stores and their riches;They are crossing the valley* of poplars.   For the outcry echoes throughout the territory of Moʹab.+ The wailing reaches to Eg·laʹim;The wailing reaches to Beʹer-eʹlim.   For the waters of Diʹmon are full of blood,And I have more in store for Diʹmon: A lion for those of Moʹab who escapeAnd for those remaining in the land.+


Or “the Temple.”
Or “His soul.”
Or “wadi.”

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