Hosea 12:1-14

12  “Eʹphra·im is feeding on wind. He chases after the east wind all day long. He multiplies lies and violence. They make a covenant with As·syrʹi·a+ and take oil to Egypt.+   Jehovah has a legal case against Judah;+He will call for an accounting against Jacob according to his ways,And he will repay him according to his deeds.+   In the womb he seized his brother by the heel,+And with his vigor he contended with God.+   He kept contending with an angel and prevailed. He wept and begged for his favor.”+ He found him at Bethʹel, and there He spoke with us,+   Jehovah the God of armies,+Jehovah is his memorial name.*+   “So return to your God,+Maintain loyal love and justice,+And always hope in your God.   But in the hand of the tradesman* are deceptive scales;He loves to defraud.+   Eʹphra·im keeps saying, ‘Indeed, I have become rich;+I have found wealth.+ And in all my toil, they will not find anything wrong or sinful.’   But I am Jehovah your God from* the land of Egypt.+ I will again make you dwell in tentsAs in the days of an appointed time.* 10  I spoke to the prophets,+I multiplied their visions,And I spoke parables through the prophets. 11  With Gilʹe·ad there has been deception*+ and untruth. In Gilʹgal they have sacrificed bulls,+And their altars are like piles of stones in the furrows of the field.+ 12  Jacob ran away to the territory* of Aʹram;*+Israel+ served there for a wife,+And for a wife he guarded sheep.+ 13  By a prophet Jehovah brought Israel up from Egypt,+And by a prophet he was guarded.+ 14  Eʹphra·im has caused bitter offense;+His bloodguilt remains on him;His Lord will repay him for his reproach.”+


Or “is the name by which he is remembered.”
Or “merchant.”
Or possibly, “a festival.”
Or “since.”
Or “what is uncanny; what is mystical.”
Lit., “field.”
Or “Syria.”

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