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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Bible Teachings

The Bible offers the best possible advice on life’s most difficult questions. Its value has been proved throughout the centuries. In this section, you’ll find out just how practical the Bible really is.—2 Timothy 3:16, 17.

Featured Articles

Who Is the Author of the Bible?

If it was written by men, can it rightly be called the Word of God? Whose thoughts does the Bible contain?

Does Science Agree With the Bible?

Are there scientific errors in the Bible?

Help for the Family


How Can Marriage Be Happy?

The Bible’s advice on how to have a happy marriage works because it comes from the Originator of marriage, Jehovah God.


What Makes a Good Parent?

How can you raise responsible children?


Beat a Bully Without Using Your Fists

Learn why bullying happens and how you can deal with it successfully.


You Can Be Patient!

Watch the video to see what helps Caleb to be patient.

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