Spirits of the Dead​—Can They Help You or Harm You? Do They Really Exist?

What does the Bible really teach about the dead? Can they help you or harm you?


Millions believe that dead people pass on to the spirit world, where they are able to observe and influence the lives of people on earth. Is this belief true?

Spirits Have Not Lived and Died on Earth

God’s words to the first man, Adam, help us to understand the condition of the dead.

Millions of Spirit Creatures

In a divinely-inspired dream, the prophet Daniel saw a hundred million spirits.

Rebellion in the Spirit Realm

Some angels turn bad, with ruinous consequences for humankind.

The Demons Are Killers!

Bible accounts and modern experiences show them to be both cruel and dangerous.

The Demons Falsely Claim the Dead Are Alive

The Demons succeed in misleading the vast majority of mankind, but the Bible unmasks their deception.

The Demons Encourage Rebellion Against God

In order to do so, they cunningly play on people’s emotions.

Serve Jehovah, Not Satan

What will demonstrate that you have made the right choice?

A Marvelous Future

Satan and his demons will not deceive mankind for much longer. Then, Jehovah will bring blessings to all mankind.

The Paradise Earth

What will conditions be like after Jehovah undoes all the bad that Satan has done?