Serve Jehovah, Not Satan

Serve Jehovah, Not Satan

All of us have a choice. Either we serve Jehovah or we serve Satan and his demons. We cannot do both. How wise it is to serve Jehovah!

Jehovah Is Good

As we have seen, the demons enjoy hurting and deceiving people. Jehovah is not like that. He loves mankind as a father loves his children. He is the Giver of “every good gift and every perfect present.” (James 1:17) He holds back nothing good from mankind, even at great cost to himself.—Ephesians 2:4-7.

Jesus, God’s Son, showed love for people by healing their sicknesses

Think about the things done on earth by Jesus, God’s Son. He made speechless ones speak and gave sight to the blind. He cured lepers and lame people. He expelled demons and cured all kinds of sickness. Jesus, by God’s power, even raised the dead to life.—Matthew 9:32-35; 15:30, 31; Luke 7:11-15.

Instead of telling lies to mislead us, God always tells the truth. He never deceives anyone.—Numbers 23:19.

Avoid Unclean Practices

Just as a spiderweb holds fast a fly, millions of people are held fast by superstition and falsehood. They fear the dead. They fear the demons. They worry about curses, omens, charms, and fetishes. They are bound by beliefs and traditions based on the lies of Satan the Devil. God’s servants are ensnared by none of these things.

Jehovah is far more powerful than Satan. If you serve Jehovah, he will protect you from the demons. (James 4:7) Spells will not work on you. For example, in Nigeria, three powerful witch doctors cast spells to kill a Witness of Jehovah who refused to leave town. When the spells failed, one of the witch doctors became fearful, went to the Witness, and begged for mercy.

The Ephesians burned their books about magic

If the demons harass you, you can call on Jehovah by name and he will protect you. (Proverbs 18:10) But in order for you to have God’s protection, you must completely break free from everything associated with spiritism and demon worship. Worshipers of God in ancient Ephesus did that. They collected all their books on magic and burned them. (Acts 19:19, 20) God’s servants today must do the same. Rid yourself of charms, amulets, “protective” strings, fetishes, magic books, and anything else connected with spiritistic practices.

Practice True Worship

If you want to please God, it is not enough merely to abandon false worship and to stop doing bad things. You must actively practice pure worship. The Bible shows what is required:

Attend Christian meetings.—Hebrews 10:24, 25

Study the Bible.—John 17:3

Preach to others.—Matthew 24:14

Pray to Jehovah.—Philippians 4:6, 7

Be baptized.—Acts 2:41

Associate With Jehovah’s Witnesses

Satan and the demons have people on earth that teach and practice wrong things. But Jehovah has a people also. They are Jehovah’s Witnesses. (Isaiah 43:10) Throughout the earth, there are more than six million Witnesses. All of them try hard to do good things and teach people the truth. In most lands, you can meet them at the Kingdom Hall, where they will warmly welcome you.

Their work is to help others serve God. They will study the Bible with you in your home, helping you learn how to worship Jehovah in the right way. You do not have to pay for this. The Witnesses are happy to teach the truth because they love people and they love Jehovah God.

Jehovah’s Witnesses will help you serve God