This issue contains the study articles for August 5–September 1, 2019

“Look Out That No One Takes You Captive”!

Satan is a master at fooling people. How does he try to influence us and turn us against Jehovah?

Overturn Every Reasoning That Is Against the Knowledge of God!

Our thinking is influenced by our background, culture, and education. How can we root out wrong attitudes that are “strongly entrenched” in our minds?

Rely on Jehovah When Under Stress

Excessive or prolonged stress can harm us physically and emotionally. We can learn much by considering how Jehovah helped his servants in the past deal with stress.

Help Others Deal With Stress

Lot, Job, and Naomi served Jehovah loyally, but they still had to endure stressful times in their lives. What can we learn from their experiences?

Finding Sure Protection From a Satanic Trap

Pornography has entrapped many of God’s servants. How can we avoid this unclean practice?

An Ancient Scroll “Unwrapped”

In 1970 archaeologists unearthed a charred scroll in Israel. Thanks to a 3-D scanning technique, the scroll was “unwrapped.” What has the scan revealed?