This issue contains the study articles for December 28, 2015, to January 31, 2016.

Train Your Child to Serve Jehovah

Three qualities that Jesus applied in his teaching can help you to be more effective in training your children.

Train Your Teenager to Serve Jehovah

How can you help your teenager to make adolescence a time of spiritual growth?

Jehovah Is the God of Love

How has Jehovah shown his love for mankind?

Do You “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself”?

You can apply Jesus command in your marriage, in your congregation, and in your preaching work.

One Hundred Years Under Kingdom Rulership!

In what three ways have we been equipped to preach about God’s Kingdom?

Moving Forward After Divorce

Almost all who divorce find that life afterward is harder than they expected. The Bible’s practical advice can help you to cope successfully.