This issue examines how we can exercise faith like that of Moses. How does Jehovah view family obligations and how does he help us fulfill them?

Imitate the Faith of Moses

How did faith motivate Moses to reject fleshly desires and appreciate his privileges of service? Why did Moses look “intently toward the payment of the reward”?

Do You See “the One Who Is Invisible”?

How did Moses’ faith in Jehovah protect him from fear of man and help him to exercise faith in God’s promises? Strengthen your faith to see Jehovah as a real Person who is eager to help you.

No One Can Serve Two Masters

Some have moved abroad in order to earn more money. How does living apart for secular work affect marriage, children, and our relationship with God?

Be of Good Courage​—Jehovah Is Your Helper!

How did one father repair his family life after living apart for secular work? How did Jehovah help him support his family in a much weaker economy?

Do You Appreciate Jehovah’s Watchful Care?

Consider five areas of God’s loving care and how we benefit from his personal attention.