This issue reminds all Christians how to stay in the race for life. And it gives insight on knowing both our own hearts and knowing our God, Jehovah.

For Those Loving Jehovah, “There Is No Stumbling Block”

In what sense is there no stumbling block for those loving Jehovah’s law? Find out what can help us to stay in the race for life.

Do You Have “a Heart to Know” Jehovah?

The words of the prophet Jeremiah can help you to gain and maintain a healthy figurative heart.

Having “Come to Know God”​—What Now?

Learn why it is necessary to regularly check your faith and devotion to Jehovah God.

Jehovah​—Our Place of Dwelling

Although we live in a wicked world, why can we be sure that Jehovah will protect his people?

Honor Jehovah’s Great Name

How do you view the privilege of using Jehovah’s name? What does it mean to know God’s name and to walk in that name?