AWAKE! No. 3 2019 | Can the Bible Make Your Life Better?

The Bible has helped people live better lives for generations. You can benefit from its practical advice for everyday life.

An Ancient Book for Modern Life

Consider what some say about reading and applying the Bible’s advice in their life.

Physical Health

Bible principles encourage us to do what we can to care for our life physically.

Emotional Health

We benefit when we develop the strength to control our emotions.

Family Life and Friendships

Successful relationships are more about giving than about receiving.

Financial Stability

How can Bible principles help you minimize money problems?


God’s standards and Bible principles can improve your spiritual outlook on life. See how.

The Most Helpful Book in History

Statistics show that the Bible is by far the most widely translated and distributed book.

In This Issue of Awake!: Can the Bible Make Your Life Better?

The Bible has practical advice on matters of everyday life.