AWAKE! No. 2 2019 | Six Lessons Children Need to Learn

Six Lessons Children Need to Learn

How would you like your child to be known as an adult?

  • Controlled

  • Humble

  • Resilient

  • Responsible

  • Mature

  • Honest

Children will not develop these traits on their own. They need your guidance.

This magazine will discuss six essential lessons that you can teach your children​—lessons that will prepare them for adulthood.


The Benefits of Self-Control

Why is self-control important, and how do we acquire it?

How to Be Humble

Teaching your children to be humble will help them both now and later in life.

How to Be Resilient

Children who learn how to be resilient are better equipped to overcome difficulties in life.

How to Be Responsible

At what age does one learn how to be responsible, in childhood or adulthood?

The Value of Adult Guidance

Children need reliable guidance in life, but where can they turn to receive it?

The Need for Moral Values

Teaching your children good moral values gives them a solid foundation for the future.

More Help for Parents

Parents also need reliable guidance for sound living. For more information, go to