Jeremiah 47:1-7

  • Prophecy against the Philistines (1-7)

47  This is the word of Jehovah to Jeremiah the prophet concerning the Phi·lisʹtines,+ before Pharʹaoh struck down Gazʹa.  This is what Jehovah says: “Look! Waters are coming from the north. They will become a flooding torrent. And they will flood the land and everything in it,The city and those inhabiting it. The men will cry out,And everyone dwelling in the land will wail.   At the sound of the pounding hooves of his stallions,At the rattling of his war chariotsAnd the rumbling of his wheels,Fathers will not even turn around for their sons,For their hands fall limp,   Because the day that is coming will destroy all the Phi·lisʹtines;+It will cut off from Tyre+ and Siʹdon+ every remaining ally. For Jehovah will destroy the Phi·lisʹtines,Who are the remaining ones from the island of Caphʹtor.*+   Baldness* will come to Gazʹa. Ashʹke·lon has been silenced.+ O remnant of their valley plain,*How long will you keep making cuts on yourself?+   Ah! The sword of Jehovah!+ How long will you not be quiet? Go back into your sheath. Take your rest and be silent.   How can it be quietWhen Jehovah has given it a command? Against Ashʹke·lon and the seacoast,+There is where he has assigned it.”


That is, Crete.
That is, they will shave their heads in mourning and shame.
Or “low plain.”