Summaries From What Can the Bible Teach Us?

A list of Bible verses that answer fundamental questions.

1. Who Is God?

The Bible reveals the identity of God and his feelings toward us.

2. The Bible​—A Book From God

What is unique about this ancient book?

3. What Is God’s Purpose for Humans?

The Bible explains why life is so difficult, and how God will solve the problem.

4. Who Is Jesus Christ?

Jesus is more than just a notable historical figure.

5. The Ransom​—God’s Greatest Gift

God’s greatest act of love offers us eternal benefits.

6. Where Do We Go When We Die?

The Bible’s teachings about death free us from falsehoods that misrepresent God.

7. There Will Be a Resurrection!

Is death the end of it all?

8. What Is God’s Kingdom?

Millions have prayed for God’s Kingdom to come. But what is it?

9. Is the End of the World Near?

Bible prophecies are being fulfilled today!

10. The truth about the angels

Some angels want to help us; others want to harm us.

11. Why So Much Suffering?

Why does Almighty God allow suffering to continue?

12. How Can You Become God’s Friend?

God offers us a warm invitation.

13. Respect the Gift of Life

Our view of life and blood matters to God.

14. Your Family Can Be Happy

Everyone in the family plays an important role.

15. The Right Way to Worship God

Do all religions lead to the true God?

16. Choose to Worship God

Our choices in life affect our friendship with God.

17. The Privilege of Prayer

The Bible teaches the importance of prayer and how to pray to God.

18. Should I Dedicate My Life to God and Be Baptized?

What steps should you take before getting baptized?

19. Stay Close to Jehovah

God helps us to remain loyal to him.