Go one time for thing them weh they dei

Contract About You and Thing Them weh They Concern You

Contract About You and Thing Them weh They Concern You

The organization for Jehovah Witness them di respect people their right them and their private life. For get more information about the organization yi worldwide Data Protection Policy, make we check for here.

The Data Protection Policy di explain how the organization for Jehovah Witness them di care for people their personal information. For add for that one they don adopt some specific guideline them weh they apply fine for this website and they write-am down for under here.

Na the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. (“Watchtower”), for New York get this website. Na some corperation weh e no dei na for make gain and they dei na for support Jehovah Witness their Bible education work.Some the server them weh they di keep the website dei na for United States of America.

People Their Information

People their imformatiom weh they don give-am weh e dei for this website, they di use-am na only for the purpose weh they be take-am time weh they be ask them this information.

We no di give person yi information for any other person unless you gri say make they give-am for some reason weh na you self want-am, we don tell you the reason or we be sure say the thing weh we di do-am dei within the law weh e di protect the information or the people weh they get right for protect the law or they see some fraud, problem for security or technical problem. For di use this website mean say you don gri say make we di use ya information only for this purpose weh they don talk-am. We no go give, rent, or sell ya personal information for any reason.

Third-Party Vendor Them. For some time them, this website go get some link them for the website for some third-party. That mean say some other person weh ih fit use this website too for do thing them weh we want yi for do-am (example na for fill form them online). You go know that time say you dei na for third party vendor yi website because e go get different appearance and the browser yi address go change. When we select third-party vendor them, and some time after, we di check their privacy and data protection policy them for be sure say they mitop with the same standard for we own policy them. If you get question them about some third-party vendor yi policy them, make you see the policy weh they list-am for their website.


For take care for any person yi information na serious thing for we. We di use Transport Layer Security (TLS) for protect ya personal information if you want make some change them for dei. We di use computer system them weh they dei for house them weh they no get plenty access but we di use diffrerent way them for protect all poeple their information weh they di pass-am for we.

Account Them

They go use the e-mail address weh you give-am time weh you di create this account for contact you. Example na say if you forget ya user name or password and you ask for helep for enter ya account, they go use na the e-mail weh you be give-am for send you massege.

Donation Them

If you make some donation with money online, we go collect ya name and contact information. For accept donation them with credit card, we get for use online payment service them weh we be sure for them and weh they get world-class security and data privacy policy them. We no di keep information about ya credit card, bank account number them or ya account data them. People them weh they di recieve donation they di keep all information for at least ten year. This one di be record them like the date weh you make the donation, the amount weh you donate, and the way weh you use-am for make the donation. This one go helep we for mitop with we standard for account and for answer any question them weh they fit ask-am. We no go di contact you for di ask some more donation.

Some Other Information

You fit give we ya information (like ya name,ya address, and ya telephone number) no be only for donation or for make account( e fit be like for ask free Bible Study). We go collect, store, and use this information only for the reason weh you don give-am and only for the time weh we think say we need-am.

Cookies and Other Kind Technology Them Like Yi

We di use machine them for collect information when you visit we website. We di collect this information na with “cookies,” “web beacons,” and some other technology them like that one. The word weh we use-am say cookies for privacy policy get plenty meaning and e dei with other technology them the same like “local storage.”

Cookies. The same like plenty website them, when you visit this website, they fit put some small information weh they di call-am “cookie” for ya your mobile phone, tablet, or computer yi hard drive. Plenty different kind cookie they di do different kind work them and they di make you for know more for the website. Cookies fit helep we for know if you don vsist the website before or memba some thing them weh you don choose-am if you want visit the website. Example na say they fit store the language weh you don choose-am for cookies so that any time weh you go back for the website, the language go kam. We no di use cookise for advertise.

They fit put the kind cookies weh they use-am for this website for three different group them:

  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies​—This one them really be important because they di helep you for use some feature them for the website, like for di log in or for sbumit some form them for website. If this cookies they no dei, some service them weh you di ask-am like for make donation no go fit be. This one them get too some cookies them weh you go need-am time weh you di browse. This cookies them no di gather information weh you fit use-am for marketing or for memba you place weh you be dei for internet.

  2. Functionality Cookies​—They make this one for allow the website for memba the choice them weh you make-am. (like ya user name, language, or the region weh yo dei) and give other feature them weh they fit helep you for ya web experience.

  3. Analytical Cookies​—They di use this one for collect information about how visitor them di use this website, for example the number for visit them or the amount of time weh they don visit this website. They di use the information na only for improve how the website di work.

Some cookies them na first-party cookies weh we website di set-am. Other one them na third-party cookies weh na different domain they di set-am. We di use na only first-party cookies, and we di use third-party cookies only when we di work with Google reCAPTCHA. They di use Google reCAPTCHA na for show difference between human user them and computer them for avoid spam. Make you see Google privacy policy for https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/.

Web Beacons. Page them for we website fit get small electronic file them weh they di call-am web beacons weh they di allow we for record activity, like when you visit some page. They di use Web beacons for track how they di use this website and for see how e di Perform.

Use for IP address them. IP address na some numeric code or some number weh e di identify ya computer for internet. We di use ya IP address and browser type for study how you di use internet and for diagnose problem them for this website and for improve the service weh we di give-am for you.

Ya Choice. Plenty browser them di allow you for put cookies off or for receive warning before they store some cookie for ya device. You fit go for ya browser instruction them for learn how for do this one. But take note say if cookies no dei, you no go fit benefit all all for we website feature them.

Active Scripting or JavaScript

They di use na scripting for improve how the website di function. Scripting di helep the site for send back information for you quick-quick. They no di use scripting for install software for ya computer or for collect information about you weh they need-am.

For say make some part them for the site work fine, they must install Active scripting or JavaScript. Plenty browser them di allow this feature for be enabled or disabled for some specific site them. Consult browser help documentation for learn how you fit enter scripting for selected sites.

Your Right Them

For use this website, like for download publication them, video them, or audio program them, be na free. They no expect you for open some acuount, make some donation, or for take any other action weh e need say make you give some information weh e go make you for benefit from the website. But, if you choose for open some account, make some donation, or ask for free Bible study, or for take any other action weh e need say you provide personal inormation, agree with this Privacy and Cookies Policy; for store infomation for the server them weh they dei for United States of America; for collect, process, transfer, and store any personal information by Watchtower and the organization them weh they di upport Jehovah Witness them for different country them need -am, process ya action them. The way them for collect information no go be the same, e depend na for the way weh you di deal with the website. Example na say if you make some donation for the organisation for some country, then they go give ya name and contact information for that organisation for identify you the time weh you di make that donation. Another example na say, if you ask for Bible study, then they give ya name and contact information for the branch office for Jehovah Witness them weh they fit answer ya request.

If you no give the information weh they need-am for open some account, for make donation,or for any other thing weh you want do-am with the website, then they no go fit for fullfil ya request.

If for any time we see say e be necesary for change we Privacy and Cookies Policy, we go put that change them for this page so that you go always be aware for the information weh we collect-am and how we di use-am.

E depend how the law talk, you fit get some other right them when e concern ya personal information. This one fit be the right for access, correct or delete the personal information weh you don give-am for this website. If this one apply for ya country, you go see the contact information for here. If the information weh you need-an concern na donation, contact the person weh they make you for know say na yi di receive the gift them as you see-am for ya donation receipt.