Go one time for thing them weh they dei

Jehovah Witness Them

Pidgin for Cameroon

'They go di preach this good news about the Kingdom for all place weh people them di stay for this earth.'—Matthew 24:14.

Jehovah Witness Them—We Be Na Who?

We komot for different different country them, we di talk different country talk them, but we dei like one people. The thing weh e pass all be say, we all want for honor Jehovah, the God weh na yi get Bible and na yi make all thing them. We di do all thing weh e dei for we power for waka one foot with Jesus and na big honor for we for be Christian them. All we di use we time for helep people them for learn Bible and about God yi Government. Because we di talk for people them about Jehovah and yi Government, na that one make-am we get the name Jehovah Witness Them.

See plenty thing them for we site. Read Bible for here. Learn other thing them about we and weiti weh we believe-am.


Marriage & Family

How Ya Family Fit Be Happy?

Jehovah, happy God, want family them for be happy. See advice weh Bible give-am for man them, woman them, papa and mami them, and pikin them.

Young People Them

Beat Some Bully weh You No Use Ya Hand Them

Learn why some people di bully and weiti you fit do when they di bully you.


God Be Make Heaven and Earth

Bible tell we say God be make heaven and earth. But you know the angel weh ih be make-am before ih make all angel them and people them and all other thing them?

Ask for Learn Bible

Learn true thing for Bible for time and place weh you want-am.

Look Video Them

Check we video library for Internet.

Congregation Meeting Them for Jehovah Witness Them

Find the place weh Jehovah Witness Them di mitop and how they di worship.

Book Them weh They Dei

See new thing them weh they don put-am.

See Video for People weh They Di Talk With Hand

Learn Bible with video for people weh they di talk with hand.