Elivulu Liasapulo Embimbiliya

Enjoy 116 stories from the Bible. They are accurate, easy to understand, and beautifully illustrated.


True stories taken from the world’s greatest book, the Bible, provide a history of the world from creation onward.


Suku o Fetika Oku Lulika Ovina

The Genesis story of creation is understandable and fascinating—even to young children.


Ocumbo Cimue Ceposo

According to Genesis, God made the garden of Eden a very special place. God wants the whole earth to be just like that beautiful garden.


Ulume Watete Kuenda Ukãi Watete

God created Adam and Eve and placed them in the garden of Eden. They became the first married couple.


Esunga Lieci va Pumbila Ocitumãlo Cavo

The Bible book of Genesis tells us how the original paradise was lost.


Efetikilo Liomuenyo Umue wa Tĩla

Outside the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve faced many problems. If only they had obeyed God, life would have been happy for them and their children.


Omõla Umue Ukuesunga Kuenda Ondingaĩvi

The story of Cain and Abel, as recorded in Genesis, teaches us about the kind of people we should be—and what attitudes to change before it’s too late.


Ulume Umue Ukuotõi

The example of Enoch shows that you can do what is right, even if people all around you do what is bad.


Ovindululu Kilu Lieve

Genesis chapter 6 tells about giants who hurt people. Those giants, called Nephilim, were children of the fallen angels who left heaven and lived as humans.


Noha wa Tunga Ocimbaluku

Noah and his family survived the Flood because they obeyed God even though others would not listen.


Etande Linene

People laughed at Noah’s warning message. But they were not laughing when the flood waters fell from heaven! Learn how Noah’s ark saved Noah, his family, and many animals.


Olukongolo Luatete

When you see a rainbow, what should it remind you of?


Omanu va Tunga Osapalalo ya Lepa

God was not pleased, and the punishment he gave still affects people today.


Avirahama wa Linga Ekamba Lia Suku

Why did Abraham leave his comfortable home to spend the rest of his life living in tents?


Suku wa Seteka Ekolelo Lia Avirahama

Why did God ask Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac?


Ukãi wa Lote wa Vanja Konyima

What she did can teach us a valuable lesson.


Isake wa Kuela Ukãi wa Sunguluka

What made Rebekah such a good wife? Her beauty, or something else?


Omãla Volonjamba Okuti ka va Lisetãhalele

Their father, Isaac, loved Esau more, but their mother, Rebekah, loved Jacob more.


Yakoba wa Endele ko Harane

Jacob married Leah first even though he was in love with Rachel.


Epata Lia Yakoba

Are the 12 tribes of Israel named after Jacob’s 12 sons?


Dina wa Kuata Ovitangi

It all started with the wrong friends.


Yosefe wa Suvukiwile la Vamanjaye

What could make some of them want to kill their own brother?


Yosefe wa Kapiwa Vokayike

He is sent there, not because he broke the law, but because he did what was right.


Olonjoi Via Fareo

The seven cows and seven heads of grain have something in common.


Yosefe wa Seteka Vamanjaye

How can he know whether they have really changed from the time that they sold him as a slave?


Epata Lia Yakoba Lia Ilukila Kegito

Why are the members of Jacob’s family called Israelites instead of Jacobites?


Yovi wa Lekisa Ekolelo ku Suku

Job lost his wealth, his health, and all his children. Was God punishing him?


Osoma Yimue Yĩvi ya Vialele Kegito

Why did he tell his people to kill all the Israelite baby boys?


Ndomo Mose a Popeliwa

His mother finds a way around the law that all Israelite baby boys should be killed.


Esunga Lieci Mose a Tilila

Moses thought he was ready to save the Israelites when he was 40 years old, but he wasn’t.


Ocisapa ca Taima

Using a series of miracles, God tells Moses that the time has come for Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.